So you want to give us hardware? Great! Here's what we need...

If you want to donate hardware, there are specific requirements for machine we manage that you should follow. For other donations, please see the donation site.

This list is not final, and if you have questions, please contact us.

Must have:

  • Out of band management with dedicated network port, preferably a BMC, or failing that, serial console and networked power bars Rackmount
  • No human intervention to power on or reboot
  • Warranty or post-warranty hardware support, preferably provided by the sponsor
  • Under the 'ownership' of Tor, although long-term loans can also work

Would like to have:

  • Production quality rather than pre-production hardware
  • Support for multiple drives (so we can do RAID) although this can be waived for disposable servers like build boxes
  • Hosting for the machine: we do not run our own datacenters or rack, so it would be preferable if you can also find a hosting location for the machine