How to get help

Those instructions concern mostly internal Tor matters. For users of Tor software, you will be better served by visiting or mailing lists.

Quick question: IRC

If you have "just a quick question" or some quick thing we can help you with, ask us on IRC: you can find us in #tpo-admin on and in other tor channels.

It's possible we ask you to create a ticket if we're in a pinch. It's also a good way to bring your attention to some emergency or ticket that was filed elsewhere.

Bug reports, feature requests and others: Trac

Most requests and questions should go into Trac (direct link to a new ticket form. Try to find the right component, but when in doubt, pick Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team.

Private question and fallback: email

If you want to discuss a sensitive matter that requires privacy or are unsure how to reach us, you can always write to us by email, at