Domain name scheme

Tor uses two main domain names for things:


There might be other domains managed by us or registered in the DNS, but they should eventually point to one of those, generally

All TPA-managed machines and services on those machines should be under The naming scheme of the individual machines is detailed below. This is managed by TPA directly through dns.

External services and machines can be hosted under In that case, the only association is a CNAME or A record pointing to the other machine. To get such a record, contact TPA using the normal communication channels detailed in how-to-get-help.

Machine naming scheme

There are multiple naming schemes in use:

  • onion species
  • role-based
  • location-based

Onion species

Wikipedia list of onion species, preferably picking a first letter matching purpose (e.g. "m" for monitoring, "b" for backups, "p" for puppet) and ideally not overlapping with existing machines at in the first three letters or at least the short hostname part

Example: was picked as a "monitoring" ("mon") server to run the experimental Prometheus server. no machine is named "monticola" at and no machine has "mon" or smaller as its first three letters there either.


Another naming scheme is role-ID, where:

  • role is what the server is for, for example gitlab, mon for monitoring, crm, etc. try to keep it short and abbreviate to at most three letters if role is longer than five. role might have a dash (-) in it to describe the service better (crm-ext vs crm-int)
  • ID is a two-character number, padded with zero, starting from one, to distinguish between multiple instances of the same server (e.g. mon-01, mon-02)


Another naming scheme used for virtual machines is hoster-locN-ID (example hetzner-hel1-01), where:

  • hoster: is the hosting provider (example hetzner)
  • locN: is the three-letter code of the city where the machine is located, followed by a digit in case there are multiple locations in the same city (e.g. hel1)
  • ID: is an two-character number, padded with zero, starting from one, to distinguish multiple instances at the same location

This is used for virtual machines at Hetzner that are bound to a specific location.