Email delivery problems are unfortunately quite common but there are often simple solutions to the problems once we know exactly what is going on.

When reporting delivery problems on Email infrastructure, make sure you include at least the following information in your report:

  1. originating email address (e.g. Alice <>)
  2. destination email address (e.g. Bob <>)
  3. date and time the email was sent, with timezone, to the second (e.g. 2019-06-03 13:52:30 +0400)
  4. how the email was sent (e.g. from my laptop, over SMTP+TLS to my email provider,
  5. what error did you get (e.g. a bounce, message not delivered)

If you do get a bounced message, do include the entire bounce, with headers. The simplest way to do so is forward it as an attachment or "view source" and copy-paste it somewhere safe (like

Ideally, also include a copy of the original message in your report, also with full headers.

If you can't send a copy of the original message for privacy reasons, at least include the headers of the email.

Send us the message using the regular methods, as appropriate, see how-to-get-help for details.