Builds can be performed on

Uploads must be go to

Preliminary setup

In ~/.ssh/config:

        ProxyCommand ssh -4 -W %h:%p

In ~/

login = *
fqdn =
method = scp
incoming = /srv/

Currently available distributions

  • Debian:
    • lenny-backport
    • experimental-lenny-backport
    • squeeze-backport
    • experimental-squeeze-backport
    • wheezy-backport
    • experimental-wheezy-backport
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • Ubuntu:
    • hardy-backport
    • lucid-backport
    • experimental-lucid-backport
    • natty-backport
    • experimental-natty-backport
    • oneiric-backport
    • experimental-oneiric-backport
    • precise-backport
    • experimental-precise-backport
    • quantal-backport
    • experimental-quantal-backport
    • raring-backport
    • experimental-raring-backport

Create source packages

Source packages must be created for the right distributions.

Helper scripts:

Build packages

Upload source packages to dixie:

dcmd rsync -v *.dsc

Build arch any packages:

for i in *.dsc; do ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $i && linux32 ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff --binary-only $i || break; done

Or build arch all packages:

for i in *.dsc; do ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $i || break; done

Packages with dependencies in must be built using $suite-debtpo-$arch-sbuild, e.g. by running:

DIST=wheezy-debtpo ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $DSC

Retrieve build results:

rsync -v $(ssh dcmd '*.changes' | sed -e 's/^/') .

Upload first package with source

Pick the first changes file and stick the source in:

changestool $CHANGES_FILE includeallsources

Sign it:



dput tor $CHANGES_FILE

Start a first dinstall:

ssh -t sudo -u tordeb /srv/

Move changes file out of the way:

dcmd mv $CHANGES_FILE archives/

Upload other builds

Sign the remaining changes files:

debsign *.changes

Upload them:

dput tor *.changes

Run dinstall:

ssh -t sudo -u tordeb /srv/

Archive remaning build products:

dcmd mv *.changes archives/