Builds can be performed on

Uploads must be go to

Preliminary setup

In ~/.ssh/config:

        ProxyCommand ssh -4 -W %h:%p

In ~/

login = *
fqdn =
method = scp
incoming = /srv/

Currently available distributions

  • Debian:
    • lenny-backport
    • experimental-lenny-backport
    • squeeze-backport
    • experimental-squeeze-backport
    • wheezy-backport
    • experimental-wheezy-backport
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • Ubuntu:
    • hardy-backport
    • lucid-backport
    • experimental-lucid-backport
    • natty-backport
    • experimental-natty-backport
    • oneiric-backport
    • experimental-oneiric-backport
    • precise-backport
    • experimental-precise-backport
    • quantal-backport
    • experimental-quantal-backport
    • raring-backport
    • experimental-raring-backport

Create source packages

Source packages must be created for the right distributions.

Helper scripts:

Build packages

Upload source packages to dixie:

dcmd rsync -v *.dsc

Build arch any packages:

for i in *.dsc; do ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $i && linux32 ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff --binary-only $i || break; done

Or build arch all packages:

for i in *.dsc; do ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $i || break; done

Packages with dependencies in must be built using $suite-debtpo-$arch-sbuild, e.g. by running:

DIST=wheezy-debtpo ~weasel/bin/sbuild-stuff $DSC

Retrieve build results:

rsync -v $(ssh dcmd '*.changes' | sed -e 's/^/') .

Upload first package with source

Pick the first changes file and stick the source in:

changestool $CHANGES_FILE includeallsources

Sign it:



dput tor $CHANGES_FILE

Start a first dinstall:

ssh -t sudo -u tordeb /srv/

Move changes file out of the way:

dcmd mv $CHANGES_FILE archives/

Upload other builds

Sign the remaining changes files:

debsign *.changes

Upload them:

dput tor *.changes

Run dinstall:

ssh -t sudo -u tordeb /srv/

Archive remaning build products:

dcmd mv *.changes archives/

Uploading admin packages

There is a separate Debian archive, on, which can be used to upload packages specifically designed to run on infrastructure. The following should allow you to upload built packages to the server, provided you have the required accesses:

fqdn =
incoming = /srv/
method = sftp

Then to install the packages:

ssh make -C /srv/

This might require fixing some permissions. Do a chmod g+w on the broken directories if this happens and open a ticket if it does, to create a service account instead of that hack.