Nagios/Icinga service for Tor Project infrastructure

Getting status updates

  • Using a web browser:
  • On IRC: /j #tor-nagios
  • Over email: Add your email address to tor-nagios/config/static/objects/contacts.cfg

How to run a nagios check manually on a host (TARGET.tpo)

NCHECKFILE=$(egrep -A 4 THE-SERVICE-TEXT-FROM-WEB | egrep '^ *nrpe:' | cut -d : -f 2 | tr -d ' |"')
NCMD=$(ssh -t TARGET.tpo grep "$NCHECKFILE" /etc/nagios -r)
: NCMD is the command that's being run. If it looks sane, run it. With --verbose if you like more output.
ssh -t TARGET.tpo "$NCMD" --verbose

How to add a host

  • Add new hosts to tor-nagios/config/nagios-master.cfg.