How to get a new Tor System Administrator on board


  • TSA: Tor System Administrators
  • TPA: Tor Project Admins, synonymous with TSA?
  • TPO: TorProject.Org, machines officially managed by TSA
  • TPN?, machines in DNS but not officially managed by TSA
  • a sysadmin can also be a service admin, and both can be paid work

Accounts required for a sysadmin

  1. LDAP (see accounts), which includes SSH access (see ssh-jump-host). person will receive an email that looks like:

    Subject: New ud-ldap account for <your name here>

    and includes information about how to configure email forwarding and SSH keys

  2. tor-internal@ and other mailing lists (also see below)

  3. puppet git repository in ssh://

  4. Trac: passwords in troodi:/srv/

  5. TPA password manager is in ssh://

  6. RT: find the password in hosts-extra-info in the password manager, login as root and create an account member of rt-admin

  7. nagios access, contact should be created in ssh://, password in /etc/icinga/htpasswd.users directly on the server

  8. this wiki:

  9. bio + avatar on:

  10. ask linus to get access for the new sysadmin in the sunet cloud (e.g. Message-ID: <>)