• Introductions
  • Pointers for new peopple
    • nagios
    • open tickets
    • git repos
      • ssh://
  • What we've been working on in Feb
  • What's up for March
  • Any other business
    • the cymru hw
  • Onboarding tasks
    • trying to answer a gazillion questions from anarcat
  • Next meeting is April 1, 16:00 UTC
  • Ending meeting no later than 17:00 UTC


Posted on the tor-project mailing list.

What happened in feb

  • roger: would like prios from team and people and project manage it
  • ln5: upgrading stuff, gitlab setup, civicrm, ticketing
  • hiro: website redesign, prometheus test (munin replacement)
  • weasel: FDE on hetzner hosts, maybe with mandos
  • qbi: website translation, trac fixing

Anarcat Q&A

Main pain points

  1. trac gets overwhelmed
  2. cymru doesn't do tech support well
  3. nobody knows when services stop working

Machine locations

  1. cymru (one machine with multiple and one VM in their cluster)
  2. hetzner
  3. greenhost
  4. linus' org (