Roll call: who's there and emergencies

Anarcat, Hiro, Qbi and Weasel present. No emergencies.

What has everyone been up to


  • scraping collection patch was merged in prometheus puppet module, finally! still 3 pending patches that need unit tests, mostly
  • more vegas meeting and followup, in particular with email. discussions punted to stockholm for now
  • reviewed the hardware inventory survey results, not very effective, as people just put what we already know and didn't provide specs
  • more hiera migration, static sync stuff left
  • documented possible gitlab migration path and opened #30857 to discuss the next steps
  • expanded storage for prometheus to 30 days (from 15) landed at 80% disk usage (from 50%) so doubling up the retention only added 30% of disk usage, which is pretty good.
  • archive.tpo ran out of space, reached out to software heritage and to store our stuff, both which responded well, but requires more engineering to move our stuff off to IA. heritage are now crawling our git repos. and setup a new machine with larger disks (archive-01) to handle the service. tried to document install procedures in the hope to eventually automate this or at least get consistent setups for new machines
  • usbguard and secureboot on local setup to ensure slightly better security in my new office
  • started reading up on the PSNA (see below)
  • regular tickets and security upgrades work


Created a new list and other list admin stuff, also some trac tickets.


  • continued documenting and developing websites. we now have a secondary repository with shared assets that can be imported at build time
  • almost done with setting up a second monitoring server
  • did some hiera migrations
  • finished torbrowser packages syncing on github and gitlab for gettor
  • went to rightscon


Was busy with work and work trips a lot. Haven't really gotten to any big projects.

What we're up to next


  • Vacation! Mostly unavailable all of july, but will work sporadically just to catchup, mostly around Stockholm. Will also be available for emergencies in the last week of july. Availabilities in the Nextcloud calendar.
  • Need to delegate bungei resize/space management (#31051) and security updates. archive-01 will need some oversight, as I haven't had time to make sure it behaves.
  • Will keep on reading the PSNA book and come up with recommendations.


  • more website mainteinance
  • would like to finish setup this second monitoring server
  • documentation updates about setting up new machines
  • need to cleanup logging on dip
  • need to figure out how to manage guest users and a possibly anonymous shared account
  • following up the migration discussion, but unsure if we're still on the same goal as the three-year-old survey we did back then
  • need to post july/august vacations


Mostly traveling and on holidays in july and beginning of august


Maybe july will finally see ganeti stuff, now that we have funding. Will be in Stockholm.

Holidays and availability

We've reviewed the various holidays and made sure we don't have overlap so we have people available to respond to emergencies if they come up. We're not sure if the vacations should be announced in pili's "Vacation tracker" calendar or in weasel's "TPA" calendar.

Stockholm meeting prep

We managed to get a full roadmapping day set aside for us. We can make a spreadsheet to brainstorm what we'll talk about or we can just do it ad-hoc on the first day.

There's also a "Email or not email" session that we should attend, hosted by anarcat and gaba.

Finally, anarcat can present our work to the "State of the onion" session on the first day.

Other discussions

Weasel noted the meeting was a bit long, with lots of time spent waiting for people to comment or respond, and asked if we could speed it up by reducing that latency.

Hiro also proposed to dump our "previous/next" sections in a pad before the meeting so we don't have to waste synchronized time to collectively write those up. This is how vegas proceeds and it's very effective, so we'll try that next time.

Next meeting

August 5th, 1400UTC (canceled, moved to september). We will try to make the meeting faster and prepare the first two points in a pad beforehand.